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The Sheikh 39 S Prize Anna Austin

Caroline is shipwrecked. Washed up onto a hostile Middle Eastern coast, she falls into the hands of a local Bedouin tribe. 

Hot Pants Librarian Erotic Novel Sand Wayne

A Vintage Erotic Novel Involving a Sexy and Seductive Girl, Full of Sexual Adventures, Surprises and Twists.

Lessons My Hot Horny Daddy Drilled Into Me Filthy Bits

Family Golden Showers 10 Pack Penelope Liksit

Ten wet tales of daddys, daughters, mothers, sons, uncles and nieces doing all sorts of thing they shouldn't. A whole bundle of piss filled fun! So if you are a down and dirty piss lover you cannot afford to miss out!

Futanari Sex Ed Ashley Berry

As the newest student of White Reef High, Leslie’s in for many big surprises. First, there’s Ms. Hawke, who takes a very hands-on approach to physical education. Then there’s half the student body, who are more bubbly, pretty and confident than Leslie could

The Vacation Erotic Story Javin Strome

When Mary finds out that her husband is not coming for a vacation they had planned for three months, she gets devastate. This is because she was looking forward to the vacation. Her husband's best friend, however, decides to give her a vacation

Disappearing Act Anji Philips

She's a bounty hunter just getting by. The client is stealing from the mob and her ally is a hot cop who believes in pushing the boundaries of being a friend with benefits. And with the air con broken at the bar she

Twin Temptation Mills Boon Blaze Cara Summers

Heiress Maddie’s just discovered she’s got a secret twin sister! Now their inheritance depends on temporarily switching places.

Strip Delta Dupree

Strut. . .

Angel Baby Houston Cei

Getting pregnant did not come easy for Isabel but when in finally happened, she and Melvin felt blessed. The parents named their newborn baby Angel as a gift from heaven. They had planned to have a bigger family, it never happened. In time

Love Ordinary Sharon W Perkins

When I started writing this book I had a broken heart. I was in pain; I was suffering. I had been disappointed before, but I had never had my heart broken. It was a crushing and painful experience. As this book goes to

Mildred 39 S Manumission Celine Dale

It is mid-20th century and thirty-something years old Mildred Simons has reached a point in her life when the unanswered questions which have been plaguing her these past few years have gradually piled up into a mountain of doubts which she fears will

Affairs Of A Dog Man Albert Gordon

At a young age, Grew Tuckett turns to dogs for companionship. Born blind in one eye, he lives his whole life a bit differently from those around him.

Good Time Charlie Mullin Garr

Intrigue with a California Senator and the machinations of Russian espionage don't distract from the real plot of this book: a young woman enjoying herself... with the man she loves, and not a few other partners.

Virgin S Desires Frankie Stephens

Golden Argentina moonlight washed over her curvaceous thighs, highlighted her virginal breasts with their high dark nipples. 

Satyr Trek Ray Kainen

Raunch Gaffer is being constantly transported. . . 1969 to 2060, to 2169, to 2269. . . He gets used to being abruptly jerked away from the edge of destruction, or at the moment of climax, thereby escaping annihilation or castration. His experiences

Check 8 Sister S Shower Sex Anal Family Sexual Health Inspector Deedee Zee

The morning after enjoying his sister’s first time, Seth is introducing her to a few other firsts as well while in the shower. It’s not enough for him to do it. He has to make sure the rest of the family sees him

Memoirs Of A Lioness Nsombi

Memoirs of a Lioness Being in love is not where Zanaysha Harris pictured her life. Her life was perfect with her new bakery and her sexual desires being met by her friend with benefits D.L. Everything was going according to her life's design

For Your Eyes Only Earle W Brown

This is a private journal of atypical romantic erotica with an unusual focus on plot, style, grace and humor. It follows a contemporary couple through a labyrinth of lascivious adventures as they probe for the ultimate peaks in sexual gratification. Max and Carla

Gym Session Lesbian Erotica Javin Strome

Sarah can tell that her husband is not interest in her any more. He actually openly tells her that she has gotten lazy and she is not the woman he knew before. So Sarah decides to go back to the gym to reclaim