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Brandi Loves Dad A J Mayes

Pauletta Celebrates New Year George Boxlicker

Pauletta is a beautiful drag queen in San Francisco's Castro District. He and some of his friends celebrate the New Year in erotic fashion,and almost everybody has a great time ringing in the new and ringing out the old. The description of their

Daughters Of Taboo Houston Cei

It was Sophia's idea to keep sex in the family. But their wild debauchery doesn't stop at mate-swapping. When the twins become lesbian lovers, Dad aches to introduce them to hetero sex. And what about Mama's lust for her sexy son, or Sophia's

One Hot Night Isa Adam

It has been years of struggle. Summer and Jerry have finally overcome it all and are together. However, after only a week of dating, Summer gets the devastating news that Jerry is about to join the Army. That leaves them with one night

Caught Off Guard Mills Boon Blaze Kira Sinclair

Runaway heiress Annemarie Prescott vowed never to return home. Until life interfered…

Italian Women 39 S Erotic Sins Volume I Giovanna Esse

Five true stories, confessed quietly, by the equivalent number of friends, each author and victim of her own destiny.

The Naughty Adventures Of Kinky Kelly Beth Kean

Fantasy Fulfilled and Kelly's Degradation in a single edition: 

Tanya 39 S Secret Randy Ronson

Secret Desires and Practices... Tanya was a Park Avenue psychiatrist who gave her wealthy clients what they wanted--relief from boredom. How she went about it was both illegal and immoral, but her clients did not mind so long as they got their kicks.

Only Rock N 39 Roll Kurt Dysan

Amber's hard rocking band is all about sex and the underground club scene. They have a shot at a great gig but her smoking hot singer died. The band still cooks, but the promoter makes it clear that she needs a sexy new

The Pool Party Primula Bond

Two artistic twin sisters take to using the pool at a supposedly deserted villa...with delightfully unexpected consequences!

Juliet The Captain Lizbeth Dusseau

An 18th Century Tale of Discipline. Theres always a dominant man in Juliet's life to redden her bottom when she misbehaves. The this story beings in England where Juliets stern guardian tries to curb her wildness with strict and formal disciplinary measures. When

Car Hop Wife Ron Richard

Driven to despair by her brutal husband she became a sensuous…

The Green Man Kay Nyne

Teen Jenny has had a massive row with her cheating boyfriend, & rather than drive home with him she takes a shortcut across country on foot. She knows that if she gets through a strip of forest called the Long Wood she will

The Sultan 39 S Innocent Bride Anna Austin

"You live to serve me. You live to please me. Now come here. Lay across my lap."

The Hitchhike Cupido Saga Egmont

Woman on woman. Man on man. Some have never questioned whether they’re gay. Others are in a straight marriage with kids when suddenly the their best friend makes their nipples erect, or a touch from their best mate makes their cock hard. CUPIDO

The Blonde Samurai Mills Boon Spice Jina Bacarr

Spring 1873:I arrived in Japan a virgin bride, heartsick and anxious beyond measure.

Little Sister 39 S Lesson Lizzy Eliot

My kid sister moved out of our parent’s house as soon as she turned eighteen. I helped her move…but when I found the reason she moved out was to lose her cherry and find some hot action, well, I decided she needed a

Mounted By Halloween Hounds 6 Pack Bundle Dame Doggy

It’s Halloween and these girls have run across some enchanted hounds who are very horny.

Moonstruck Mills Boon Spice Julie Kenner

Talk about intoxicating!

Lusty Marlene Erotica Tina Long

Marlene was really frustrated since her husband was unable to make her pregnant. He was so tired after long hours at his office that he could not even satisfy her intimate needs. When she called a plumber to fix the faucet in her