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Lucky In Love Bbw Love Match Michelle H Rollins

How did this happen? Was it that they were just with the wrong person? They both trolled the online sites, he looking for a beautiful BBW that he could have a sexual bond with and she for a man, any man who would

The Humiliation Of Hannah Lizbeth Dusseau

In a time when women are expected to know their place, this tale of desire and surrender is steeped in the sweet romance and the ruthless brutality of an uncivilized time. With her parents gone, Hannah Crowe feels responsible for her post-adolescent siblings.

An 39 Innocent 39 Trip To The Beach Cupido And Others Saga Egmont

There's nothing like the fresh air in the mountains, waves lapping against the shore, the wind caressing your breast, the water touching your sex... This is a collection of erotic short stories from Cupido. This collection includes the following stories: "They anchor up

Schoolgirl Taboo 27 Pack Penelope Liksit And Scarlett Delage

27 schoolgirl tales from across the catalogues of Penelope Liksit and Scarlett Delage. Incest, pseudo-incest, bestiality and a whole lot more. This will overlap with some other bundles.

The Devil 39 S Daughter Temptation Alana Church

One day Moira Bertram went out for a drive. When she returned, a year later, she was pregnant, and would not tell anyone who her child's father was.

Lonely Business Trip Isa Adam

Shannon gets the opportunity of a lifetime when she gets the chance to represent her company at a conference outside the country. However, Shannon finds out that going to Hawaii alone may not be as fun as she'd wanted. Lucky for her, she

Man On Horse Sex 8 Pack Penelope Liksit

All 8 man on horse tales in my catalogue to date (4/6/20), brought together in one convenient bundle!

Girl Gone Wild Mills Boon Blaze Single In South Beach Book 3 Joanne Rock

Journalist Hugh Duncan can sniff out international intrigue, but finding a juicy scoop in a Miami singles' club right under his nose? Could a voluptuous chef, singing a siren song while icing a Kama Sutra cream puff, be his next big story–or is

Skirts Akbar Del Piombo

Eerily prescient tale that seems straight out of those Levitra ad disclaimers. Edward Champdick has a problem; one that keeps growing. He consults with doctors, tries any number of women to get the thing down, ends up in a Turkish Harem at the

Putting It To Her In Bed Brother Loves Sleep Sex Book 08 Deedee Zee

He knows the desire he has for his sister is wrong, which is why he’s planning to move out. Distance himself from temptation. Before that can happen, he ends up in his sister’s room watching her masturbate to a sex dream about him.

Unexpected Lust Lesbian Erotica Tina Long

Brittany was happy to receive her sister with her friend Carine as they came to visit her after many years. Brittany and Carine connected immediately and when her sister passed out after drinking too much, the two women decided to get to know

The Lone Wolf Warlock Keefe Aaron Overby

A story of two souls united together in an adventure of love that will last forever.

Sexual Hors D Oeuvre J M Roberts

The story explores the relationship of married women, who began the swinging 60s. Two years after marrying John, June decided to go out alone, ballroom dancing.

Love Burns Bright Radclyffe

“…kissing Kathy is like kissing her for the first time and the millionth time, new and yet familiar, fresh and yet filled with the memories of every kiss we’ve shared. Before I fall into the mindless spiral of desire, though, I realize something.

Submissive Slave Buck Jones

KARA WAS LOST! All the men she had dated just seemed superficial and bland. She felt like running away all of her life. Now she met Phil. A billionaire, entrepreneur, International importer, and the most confidant man she had ever known. when she

Photo Session Gets Hot Isa Adam

When Wyatt got famous, he had no idea the kind of women and money that would surround him. He especially had no idea that Skylar, the sweet famous actress would convince him to have a fake relationship. Only three months later, a photo

Popping My Girl 39 S Cherry 3 Samantha Lacroix

You'll never believe what these daddies do to their little girls!

The Moral Line Vanessa Bogenholm

After being rejected and left alone, Alexandria finds herself going down a moral line. Slightly desperate for money, she takes a one-time job as a paid for companion by a not so attractive but very nice wealthy man. Is getting paid to be

Two Week Seduction Kathy Lyons

A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

Partying Hot Wife Frankie Stephens

she was sipping wine upstairs and chatting with Sam and the next thing she knew she was down in the basement with her hand on his bare cock.