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The Countess 39 S Client Mills Boon Spice Briefs Alison Richardson

"The practice of genuine virtue leads to a life of odious boredom. "

Zooflix 2 Horses Bust Hymens Penelope Liksit

For my new streaming service Zooflix, we have a great new show that involves innocent women...and horses.

Take Me If You Dare Nina Crespo

A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

Welcoming The New Neighbor Tina Long

Melissa and Britney meet Brian a hot new neighbor who happened to move into the next house a few days after Rachel's breakup. In order to cheer her friend up, Melissa tries a few ways to set the two up. Over time, Melissa

His Girlfriend S Mom Javin Strome

Daniel is looking to start one hell of a business. His girlfriend Eve, however, does not seem to share the same enthusiasm. She does not think he will do well in business. This lack of support is frustrating him and he decides to

Crash Your Party Dress Adrian Hunter

Crash Your Party Dress is the first anthology of Adrian Hunters short stories. For readers not familiar with his canon, Hunters work has been described as moody, atmospheric fiction with a bondage twist. Unlike classic erotica, these stories arent polite pornography that exist

Desire Me Now Tiffany Clare

He charged out of the darkness to her rescue …

Sleep Serenity Ember Brim

Insatiable couple can't get enough of each other, even waking each other with their passion.

Red Shoes And A Diary Mills Boon Blaze Mia Zachary

Meghan Foster had always wanted to have a wild, passionate affair, like the ones she fantasized about in her diary.

Puppy Love Kelly Addams

Warning: 18+ Bestiality Content. Debbie is not her real name, she is using an alias because she has so much to lose if her kinky secret ever got out... because Debbie is a top professional lawyer... she is also a devoted dog slut.

Family Sex Trade 2 R Richard

Delayed Gratification Jessie Mcana

Bobby Spencer, a member of Angels of Justice, is missing. Their Grand Master, Alec Impavido, will do anything to get him back. On his quest to find his love, Alec realizes that he is not the only one who has been keeping deadly

Coming Soon Mills Boon Blaze Jo Leigh

Manhattan's sexy adults-only hotel is now a crime scene. And concierge Mia Traverse–self-described CSI addict–is on the case. Whether it's hunting down extra-soft pillows for a fussy guest or tracking down a murderer, Mia loves solving a mystery.

The Telephone Salesman Cupido Saga Egmont

The young couple. The first time. Naughty flirting. The secret, forbidden meeting. The young student and his teacher. The older gentleman and the innocent virgin. You, Me, and a Friend. This is a collection of erotic short stories from Cupido. The collection contains

Swinging At Anchor Blair Erotica

Roger has worked his way into the Caribbean on sailboats, now he's chartering for Lateenya, a smoking hot black skipper with a catamaran. She expects him to satisfy her in every way, as well as her female guests passengers. That isn't always smooth

Billionaire 39 S Reluctant Hotwife Thomas Roberts

When Tania's first husband tried to coerce her into being a hotwife, she wanted nothing to do with the lifestyle. But over time, the idea of being roughly taken by sexy well-hung black men began to intrigue her. When she mentioned it to

Cate A Caregiver Providing Real Care Part 1 Elizabeth Thorn

Cate, a caregiver, learns a very new definition of taking care of a patient. One that she has to balance with the moral obligations that she has as a married woman. Slowly but steadily she reaches the point of no return. How will

Nympho Nurse Harriet Sommers

Her uniform was white... Her passions were Red Hot.

Seeding The Brat K C Cave

Hannah wanted Biff to be her first lover...but when the football hero fumbled in the backseat of his ’68 GTO, she gave up on him in disgust. Before the 18-year-old beauty could find a new boy toy, disaster struck: The brat’s rich parents

Pool Of Loneliness Adult Erotica Sand Wayne

A Vintage Erotic Novel Involving a Sexy and Seductive Girl, Full of Sexual Adventures, Surprises and Twists.