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Gay Erotica This Life Gay Romance George Copine

Gay Erotica: This Life, Gay Romance: fantasy,? or is this reality life. gay bareback story.

The Abomination Raymond C Merriam

Abomination, defined by the dictionary as "a disgusting or loathsome thing, a feeling of disgust; loathing."

The Secret Life Of Girls Chloe Thurlow

An erotic novel by Chloe Thurlow who has developed a name synonymous with wicked thrills and quality writing.

A Mothers Lust Jenny Summers

Born Ready Mills Boon Blaze Lori Wilde

US Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander Scott wasn’t prepared for the sight of red-hot marine biologist Jackie in her red-hot bikini…

M Nage Text Jack Stratton

Elisa always seemed to come back to Mark's apartment. He had the right combination of trustworthiness and meanness that let him take her to the dark places she wanted to go. But when he finds out about her new love interest will his

Dangerous Desires J L Baden

Hannah McMillan never thought in less than forty eight hours of meeting Pierce Antonio Perez, a notorious crime boss she would be involved in a prison break, kidnapping, and arranged marriage. She had no idea how much more complicated her simple life was

The Amorous Life Of Laura Anthology Houston Cei

Laura was the only child of devoted parents. She was intelligent and beautiful with a sparkling personality. She held onto her virginity until her senior year of high school and when she gave it up to her father, it was like popping the

Family Incest Bundle 12 Samantha Lacroix

Hot daddies take tight virgins!

A Hot Help Erotica Tina Long

Veronica was driving to her cottage to get it ready for summer since she used to enjoy the view and lake with her husband. However, she got a flat tire and struggled to find help. When Bobby helped her, she wanted to thank

Guard Dog Treated Her To Halloween Bestiality Halloween Bestiality Treats Dame Doggy

Bethany lost the bet and got the penalty—going to the cemetery to wait for her partner. Anonymous sex isn’t her thing, but her friends have enough blackmail material to make it her thing. When a dog shows up, Bethany can’t believe her friends

Wolf Tales Ii Kate Douglas

Enter a world where pleasure is a rite of passage. . .

Taken By A Small Town Jackie Mcnab

On her way home for Christmas break, Tina gets pulled over by some small-town cops. She can’t afford to pay for a ticket and these two decide to take her down to the station to see if they can figure something out. Tina

Summer School After School The Ponygirl Omnibus Edition Jurgen Von Stuka Jurgen Von Stuka

This two-book volume presents the trials and misfortunes of Dori Hammond and Lucy von Holt. Both are young, well educated and in trouble. In Summer School, Dori takes a summer course in equestrian technique and finds herself learning more about horses and riding

Straight To The Heart Mills Boon Blaze Samantha Hunter

Posing as a waitress at Ben Callahan’s roadhouse, US Marshal Joanna Wyatt will be able to keep an eye on the sexy ex-Navy SEAL she’s protecting as part of the Witness Protection Programme.

Dad S Big Secret Veronica Sloan

DESCRIPTION Brittany is a very good girl with one very dirty secret: She's always wanted a man with a few extra inches down below. It's too bad she keeps hooking up with guys who fall short of her expectations. But when she accidentally

Six Pack Of Erotic Short Stories Vol 1 Ashley James

1342 Taylor Hudson

Taylor Hudson's 1342 gives Fifty Shades of Grey a pants down spanking when it comes to recounting good, old fashioned thrills. It's an erotic thriller set in medieval England where modern day Melissa, as a result of an accident, has time travelled back

The Intern Erotic Short Story Elena Lund Emma Ericson

"Turn around", she says. And of course, he turns around. His ass is strong and soft under Linda's hands. She grabs his buttocks and spreads them. She can hear him gasp just before she leans forward and licks him there. The scent is

Jackie 39 S Threesome Ginny Watson

Jackie's brother has fallen in love with "Forbidden Fruit" She presumes it must be the wife of a friend, so she decides to set him up with her best friend Sonia. She invites them both to a private picnic by the lake and