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The Arrow That Flies By Day John Servant

The Arrow That Flies by Day deals with a wounded marines efforts to conquer his physical wounds and to play in the NFL and to overcome his spiritual and emotional wounds to win at the ultimate game of life. The main character joins

Grace Upon Grace Teresia W Mutiso Phd

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates summed it for author The unexamined life is not worthy living Prayer allows Jesus Christ the Source of life and the divine artist of our soul to reveal the authentic and magnificent people were created to be.

Food For Thought Kim Y Johnson

As a child growing up one of my fondest memories was reading at the end of certain storybooks, The moral of the story is." With the richness of moral value etched within my character at such a young age. I believe now, even

A Billion Reasons Why Kristin Billerbeck

There are a billion reasons Kate should marry her current boyfriend.

Saving Faith Tanya Holmes Segars

Things were on the fast track for Josh Thompson, a talented, young civil engineer from Atlanta, Georgia. He had finally been given the opportunity of his career, to lead an international contract, but his excitement turns to horror when he learns the job

The Princess And The Pea Nut Butter Sandwich Betty Billmayer

Pretty little Princess Pietra (pronounced Pe-et-ra) is convinced that she will be able to find the perfect peace she has been pursuing by partaking of a perfect peanut butter sandwich. People come from near and far, hoping to please her with their productions,

The Song Of The Christmas Tree Jeff Lamont Sherry Vario

As Christmastime approaches, the trees of the tree farm anticipate the season. Many of them worry and wonder what is in store for them if they are chosen and taken away. Not all of the trees spend their days in anxious fright; one

Waiting For A Miracle Jessie Thompson

From the moment of conception Vanessa Parkers life was already set in stride. Not for professional objectives, but for spiritual awareness. Molded by her mother Vanessa is raised to be a good little church girl and a loyal daughter, but one dreadful evening

Secrets In The High Rise J A Rost

Recently divorced and an expert in commercial renovations, Stephanie Runnell returns to her hometown of River Falls, Minnesota, to restore the town's low-income housing. Constructed in the 1970s, one of the buildings, a 13-story high rise, already has an ominous reputation.

The List Robert Whitlow

In a world of secrets, where evil has reigned for over a hundred years, the power of an ancient covenant will change the life of one man forever.

Their Ranch Reunion Mills Boon Love Inspired Rocky Mountain Heroes Book 1 Mindy Obenhaus

A Widow 39 S Hope Mills Boon Love Inspired Indiana Amish Brides Book 1 Vannetta Chapman

Where S The Escape Hatch Help Me I Think I M In Hell T M Harris

Bernie is a wild nonconformist who refuses to be politically correct and says whatever pops into his head. Bernie takes a trip of a lifetime to heaven and hell. What he finds may surprise you.

Heaven 39 S Wager Ted Dekker

It was an absolutely perfect day . . . until everything went absolutely perfectly wrong.

Elixir James O Sy Phd

Elixir is a thrilling, highly entertaining science fiction novel. It is the first installment of a six-part sci-fi series. Book 1 slowly unfolds the events that lead a college sophomore to discover the powers he possesses, powers that are not of this Earth.

The Holiday Secret Mills Boon Love Inspired Castle Falls Book 4 Kathryn Springer

The Lost Coin Sam Hayes Sherwood

Sam Season, a young man disappointed by button-down Christianity that doesn’t work, is unexpectedly handed a mystical coin that guides him to unraveling the truth about the mystery of Christ in us. Sam is unaware that his brother, obsessed with wealth and status,

Coming Attractions Robin Jones Gunn

Are you serious? And when Katie asks the question, will she believe the answer? Katie Weldon has only one more semester before she becomes a college graduate. The future is on her doorstep, and she’s eager for answers to what’s next. Rick is

Darkness Rising Lis Wiehl Pete Nelson

The evil in East Salem is no longer content to hide in the shadows. The stakes—and the darkness—are rising.

Power Seduction Scandal Angela Winters

After a rocky year, D.C.'s most ambitious divas are back on track. But in a city of social climbing and scandal, can they stay ahead of the game?. . .