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Return To The Fatherland Adrienne Paraiso Richard

My wife and I have shared our story with dozens of peoplesenior citizens, young adults, and teenagerswhile my wife has read excerpts of the book to a classroom of inquisitive second graders. We combined into journals the scores of recent photos from overseas

Butterflies Or Tigers A Memoir Liza M Tilson

Like the author herself, these improbable stories defy classification. Culled from ninety-one years of a rich and varied life, they begin with a vivid childhood memory of a terrifying hurricane at sea during her familys journey from Colombia to a new life in

Home Beth Powning

Home is like a leaf on a tree: other people, other homes, are the other leaves. They live beneath the same sky, share the same memories, survive the same storms.

First Hand Eoin Hand Jared Browne

Eoin Hand’s term as manager of the Republic of Ireland soccer team is often overshadowed by the glory days of Jack Charlton. If Charlton had good luck, Hand was all too familiar with its quarrelsome sibling: bad luck. This is the inside story

The Man Who Had Been King The American Exile Of Napoleon 39 S Brother Joseph Patricia Tyson Stroud

In The Man Who Had Been King, Patricia Tyson Stroud provides a rich account of the life of Napoleon's brother Joseph Bonaparte in the United States, detailing how his palatial estate, gardens, and art collection made him a key figure in the importation

From Harvey River Lorna Goodison

"Throughout her life my mother [Doris] lived in two places at once: Kingston, Jamaica, where she raised a family of nine children, and Harvey River, in the parish of Hanover, where she was born and grew up."

Diamond Doris Doris Payne

Soon to be a Major Motion Picture

Redheaded Rants Of A God And Country Loving Patriot Allyson Scott

Part memoir, part "SOMEBODY-had-to-say-it", Redheaded Rants will take you on a trip to West Texas, and show you that your family is not as strange as you once thought they were.

Defiant Joy Kevin Belmonte

You may be aware that G. K. Chesterton authored influential Christian biographies and apologetics. But you may not know the larger-than-life Gilbert Keith Chesterton himself—not yet. Equally versed in poetry, novels, literary criticism, and journalism, he addressed politics, culture, and religion with a

The Promised Cookie David P Sortino

From beginning to end of the Promised Cookie, the characterizations, educational philosophy, and reflection on the strength of the human spirit entrance the reader, causing each of us to reflect on our own roles as teachers. David Sortino has created a compelling account

From The House By The Seashore Pati Adams

Did you ever think that someone you trusted would change your life? High school had opened my eyes to a world of self-indulgent drinking and drug use. After graduation, working my way to nowhere, I got married, had children, and wanted desperately to

Lennie The Autobiography Of Lennie Lawrence Lennie Lawrence

Lennie - The Autobiography of Lennie Lawrence is the story of one of football's most long-serving and well liked characters. In a career spanning over 30 years "Lennie" is one of football's elite belonging to a unique group of managers including Sir Alex

If You Want To Write Brenda Ueland Andrei Codrescu


A Girl With A Special Name Adelina L Kennedy

For years, author Adelina L. Kennedy endured a long battle with anorexia and its complications. In A Girl with a Special Name, she chronicles her journey through hardship and her miraculous recovery to a healthier, more fulfilled life. Faced with a multitude of

Out Of Zion George Howard Newton

George Henry Newton had a dream. His dream was to get out of Zion, Nevis. The village was poverty stricken. He ventured abroad and entered the United States. He became a soldier and fought in W.W.II. Fortunately, he escaped the ravages of the

Jimi Hendrix 175 Success Facts Everything You Need To Know About Jimi Hendrix Theresa Hawkins

An Unbeatable Jimi Hendrix Biography. This book is your ultimate resource for Jimi Hendrix. Here you will find the most up-to-date 175 Success Facts, Information, and much more.

Growing Up In Chicago D A Slone

Growing up in Chicago is an overview of life in Chicago from 1965 to the present for one young black woman. It describes the hurts the author D. A. Slone experienced, beginning when she was told she needed major surgery at age eleven

The House Of Margie Frank Stiffel

This book is a tale about a Polish Jew who, after having survived Hitlers Wannsee Crusade, comes to America in search of a new life. A husband and a father of a baby-daughter, Franco, as his Tuscan wife calls him, is faced with

The Surfing Goat Goatee Featuring Pismo The Kid Dana Joseph Mcgregor Ish Abdullah

A fun, true story of a mans plan to get a goat to eat the weeds in his moms yard, and to then eat the goat with his friends, takes a turn for the better for the man and for the goat. Their

Blown To Bits Leon Cooper

The lives of twenty-four American aviators became forever intertwined in the skies over Ploesti, Rumania, in 1944, when a pair of bomber crews, an aerial photographer, and a fighter pilot engaged in some of the deadliest air battles the world had ever known.