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Under The Andes Rex Stout

Under the Andes is an early novel by Rex Stout, first published in the All-Story Magazine in 1914. Temptress Desirée Le Mire and brothers Paul and Harry Lamar search for lost treasure in a mysterious cave. They encounter Incas who have been deformed

Cycles Of Death Lee Shearer

A group of semi-retired executives become bored with their country club life and decide to partcipate in an annual nationally known 450 mile bike ride across Iowa (RAGBRAI). In the process they uncover a serial killer who selects victims from the middle-age wealthy

Iban Woman Golda Mowe

Twenty-year-old Ratai is proud and strong for she is the eldest child of Nuing, the Iban warrior who went to the invisible world and returned alive, and the granddaughter of Bujang Maias, the great headhunter who was raised by apes. Despite her pedigree,

Mark Twain The Best Works Mark Twain

This ebook compiles Mark Twain's greatest writings, including novels and short stories such as "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court", "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County", "A Dog’s Tale" and "The

Jonathan 39 S Secret L A Evans

This is the story of Jonathan Broxton who is a forty-something sexually ambivalent man who finds that he has accomplished everything in life that he strove to attain. He is wealthy beyond belief, has an unmeasurable intellect, and is bored. He sits down

Winter Wings Max Smith Sr

Winter Wings is a story about a man and his horse. Jeb Morrison is what most men would want to be. He was strong in will power and true to his morals. His horse Winter had been given to him by an Indian

Birth Of A Terrorist Nick Morrow

He stepped on American soil his jihad the driving force. Spring blossoms were out, their fragrances everywhere, enriching the fragrances of American women. The women were dressed different, revealing their erotic forms. His path crossed with an American Bank Executive, she was alone

The Owls Of The O S S Bill Womack

Four young men are recruited into the O.S.S. at the beginning of World War II. Their job is to use their superior intellect to enhance the Allied War efforts. Follow their exploits, both adventurous and amorous, as they aid America's top spy, "Wild

Gauntlet Of Fire Magna Kruger

Aidans quest for his true identity and the Darcanians best kept secrets will alter everything in the ancient families Not so long ago, Aidan lived happily within Darca Castle, the impressive rock fortress of the Darcanians. Then he had to leave and endured

Regular Wayne Ray Grayson

If you like action. If you like to laugh. And if you like stories about young adults struggling to survive urban ghetto life, then "Regular" is for you.

The Fearsome Foursome J T Mobley

In 1941, four young men meet in the military, unaware that they were about to become very close friends for a long time to come, through three long warsWorld War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Richard (Rico) Andres, born in

Adventures Of The Precious Knights Valerie Crowe

Sir Gold, Sir Silver, and Sir Rusty are brave knights and best friends who fiercely protect Castle Precious and the villagers of Everbright from the scourge of terrifying stripy dragons.

Please Don 39 T Tell Her I 39 M In Jail Luke Okoli

Please Dont Tell Her Im In Jail is a story about a Nigerian young man who met many temptations and setbacks in his life including false accusation. An innocent man, his adventurous trip landed him in prison where he was to spend the

Tears Of Gaduhav John Pate Derek Updegraff Lori Parsells

When you take soldiers, plantation families, slaves, and Native Americans from their common comfort zones and thrust them into a situation where they must live and work together for their very survival, the social experiment of life itself might yield some interesting variables

Harry Castlemon The Complete Works Harry Castlemon

11 Complete Works of Harry Castlemon

Meeting Of Generals Tony Foster

D-Day Normandy, 1944. Twenty thousand, five hundred strong, the 12th Waffen-ss Hitler Youth Division marched into battle against Allied Forces. They were the last cream of the German youth, seventeen- and eighteen-year-old lads trained and led by a cadre of battle-hardened officers and

The Torque Of Fyra J S Seeger

Many ages ago in a vibrant and pristine world called Laurasia, four gods of great power attempt to dominate each other, breaking an ancient bond that eventually falls to the mortal realm. A quest to pursue the four talismansincluding the Torque of Fyra

Enemies Allies Kevin J Anderson

“[A] fun read….Batman and Superman meet in this retro-flavored novel set amid the Cold War sensibilities of the 1950s.”

The Devil 39 S Penny Bernard Carlton

The Devils Penny by Bernard Carlton (Fiction)

Because Am Olivier

Bec Otinga, a young girl, is rescued under strange circumstances from war-torn Africa and brought to the UK by an unlikely alliance between the future Archbishop of Canterbury and a shadowy organization that searches the world for people with unusual capabilities. Bec graduates